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Hot Lava Sticks

LAVA UPDATE:   Sept 18 2016    Lava from the  Pu’u’ o’o Crater and new southeast flow continues its new journey to the ocean.  The new flow is scattered above Royal Gardens and on path to create a new ocean entry. Cheryl is on the path along with our guides to get you up close and next to red hot LAVA!   The Lava is perfect for us to POKE  along with getting our UH sample. The present hike is about eleven mile to the top of the Pali                 CALL NOW FOR DETAILS AND BOOKINGS


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LAVA UPDATE:   JUNE 26 2016  At the present time the Lava is approximately 11 miles from start to finish. This hike is only for the advanced with no injuries.  All  hikers must be able to endure an uphill ascent  for 6 miles with all weather conditions.  All hikers must be well fit and capable to easily complete the 11 miles. The total hours will be about 6.5  Plenty of water and your own lunch will be required. Bring rain gear, sun block and only hiking boots, tennis shoes!!                    

Just like our tee shirts say, this hike is not for wimps!!!   Feel the heat under your feet. 

 Call to book your tour 808-987-3456   Mahalo Scott and Cheryl  



At Poke-A-Stick Guided Lava Tours , our goal is to walk right up to the red-hot lava and actually poke a stick into it! Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable, and we are a licensed and insured company. 

Poking the surface flows at night !!! Awesome

What you’ll need to bring:

  • Cargo Pants work best (light weight) (the kind that zip the bottom half off) or jean pants/ shorts.
  • Knee high  socks. 
  • Light rain jacket or (poncho are provided)
  • Sunscreen and sun hat
  • Hiking Boots are OK, but not needed
  • A good attitude for the distance
  • Don’t forget your camera with fresh batteries
  •  Plenty of water 2/3  liters
  • View these awesome videos (by Lindsay Crawford) from one of our hikes: Poke-A-Stick Read about us in this article from Grassroots News: Living By Lava Ask about military and larger group discounts. Due to continually changing conditions, pricing and departure times may vary. Please call us for details. CHECK OUT OUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS!! Crazy Hot Lava Flows, Lunch on the Lava. DAILY TOURS:    Directions to Poke-a Stick Lava Tours Click here to view or print directions to Poke-A-Stick (as a PDF file)..   Read our liability waiver form. ( Directions have changed, now meeting in Hilo)