Poke A Stick Lava Tours

Hot Lava Sticks



LAVA UPDATE  April 20 2014     LAVA IS ACTIVE AND READY FOR YOU TO POKE!!!   Call for Details at 808-987-3456  

    LAVA IS ONCE AGAIN FLOWING:  CALL NOW FOR the Poke A stick lava tour we’re offering at the present and for details.   This tour is for the advanced hikers, and you must hike on a regular basis with no physical or health injury issues at all!  This hike is beautiful and its a day tour only.  The total hike is 6 hours round trip, 2.5 hours out and 2.5 hours back with 1 hour poking and viewing hot active lava like no where else on earth.  

Just like our tee shirts say, this hike is not for whimps!!!   Feel the heat under your feet.  Call to book your tour 808-987-3456   Mahalo Scott and Cheryl  

THE GUIDES HAVE RETURNED WITH NEW LAVA TO SEE  please call for more info on hike and requirements. 808-987-3456   BOOK WITH US NOW FOR ONCE IN A LIFETIME HIKE!!   

         We do not accept credit card from our location due to the difficulty with our phone signal next to the lava. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We can accept pay pal with out the above listed discounts and you pay the charges. Thanks Scott

At Poke-A-Stick Guided Lava Tours , our goal is to walk right up to the red-hot lava and actually poke a stick into it! Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable, and we are a licensed and insured company. We’re Bona Fide! We are located in Kalapana at the end of Highway 130.   We will meet you at the guard shack, where we then drive a short distance onto our private property. Your car will be parked behind a secure locked gate. This is the departure point for all of our hikes. And slather on the sunscreen because it’s going to get HOT!! Then you will be given extra-long wooden poking sticks for playing in the lava, which double as handy walking sticks as well. Our tours depart daily at 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.  Typically, hikes will last from five to six hours, depending on current conditions. If your party consists of 6 or more hikers we will set it up just for your group.  The location of the lava flow changes from day to day, so be sure to call us for up-to-date activity. This hike is by no means extreme, but is for experienced hikers only. You must be in good physical condition and be capable of walking over very uneven terrain for four hours or more.

What You Need To Bring

Poking the surface flows at night !!! Awesome

  • Small day pack
  • 1.5 liters of water per person
  • Eat before the tour or bring Lunch or snacks
  • Closed-toed sturdy hiking boots or shoes
  • Light rain jacket or poncho
  • Sunscreen and sun hat
  • Don’t forget your camera with fresh batteries!

We like to hike in shorts and a light long-sleeved cotton shirt. Thanks to the steady trade winds from the north, the hike itself is usually comfortable.  But once we get up close to the lava’s edge, things heat up fast! These winds also blow any volcanic fumes away from us, so there’s no need for concern about air quality. View this awesome video (by Lindsay Crawford) of one of our recent hikes: Poke-A-Stick Read about us in this article from Grassroots News: Living By Lava Discounts are available for kama`aina, military, and larger groups. Due to continually changing conditions, pricing and departure times may vary. Please call us for details. CHECK OUT OUR YOU TUBE VIDEOS!! Crazy Hot Lava Flows, Lunch on the Lava. DAILY TOURS:   Day Tours start at 7:00 am and back around 2:00 pm.  Top the Pali Tour and poke a stick in the lava! WOW! Directions to Poke-a Stick Lava Tours Click here to view or print directions to Poke-A-Stick (as a PDF file)..   Read our liability waiver form.