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Cheryl has lived in Hawaii since 1982, moving from Alaska.  Purchased this 21 acre parcel in 1985 (after the first lava flowed across the property taking 2 homes and a sanctuary). Thinking that it won’t happen again, (by the lay of the land), we bulldozed the road back in again, and then planted 3000 coconut trees on ten acres.  Well, once again the lava flowed across the property and took the road, half the acreage and 1500 of the coconut trees, along with 750 Singapore Plumeria trees. As with everybody else who lived in Kalapana, we evacuated, leaving behind only memories of what it once was.

Scott workin’ his palms.

Spent some time on the mainland in Santa Barbara, CA. Took a vacation to the Big Island for the first time in 9 years, it just happened to be 9-11-2001.  I took refuge at the farm.  There was no other place to go. Looking at the trees, they were in such poor condition, it was a shame. Decided I either needed to do something with the farm, taking care of the trees – or else sell.

So it was, take care of the trees!  Sold everything in CA, moved back to Hawaii to live on the farm. For 9 years we hiked in and out 1 mile each way, (still no roads at the time) packing in 50 lb. bags of fertilizer, building supplies, food and whatever else that was needed to live totally off the grid.

Then, I meet Scotty!  He was working on a project here for the DOE from Colorado Spring, CO with CH2MHill.  Being in construction, he wasn’t willing to do things the hard way when there is heavy equipment. Once again, under Scott’s supervision the road goes in. Then the Tiki Bar, Bathhouse, guest cabin/bungalow  and now our Lava Cabin is complete.  He is so talented. The trees are getting big and the grounds look great.

Cheryl enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Scott is an avid big game hunter and a hunting tour guide in  CO.  he also enjoys fishing. Just seemed appropriate to do guided  lava tours here as well.  So we started Aloha Lava Tours and did well.  Giving our guests the opportunity of a lifetime to get close enough to the lava to poke a stick in it!

With Scott’s back ground growing up in Washington State farming apples he has taken to the coconut farming as a second nature. For the last 6 years, Scott and I have worked very hard on the Loco Coco’s Plantation, The Cockeyed Pig Tiki Bar and The Kalapana Lava Refuge, and Aloha Guided Lava Tours.  We want to share our experience with you.

Big Mahalo Plenty,

Cheryl and Scott

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  1. Leonardo Wilhelm says:


    It’s Leonardo that took the tour 2 weeks ago. I just read about Kilauea’s latest activity yesterday and I hope you guys are doing alright. Let me know if I can help somehow.

    Best wishes,


    • cheryl says:

      Thank very much Leonardo for your support, were just fine still taking hikers to the flow daily. The latest activity took out the only home still in Royal Gardens, Jack Thompsons place about 1/4 mile from where you viewed the flows that day with us. Take care and come see again some time? Mahalo Scott

  2. Carolyn Kellogg says:

    Hi Cheryl and Scott,
    Jerry and I had a fabulous time on our Poke A stick in it Tour, Thanks for being such great guides and getting us right up to the lava flows…close enough to indeed POKE a STICK ! We will be thinking about you and hoping the flows stay away from your property. And I will be telling everyone I know who is going to Hawaii to take your tour. Amazing! Awesome! Incredible! Thank you so much.

  3. Margaret says:

    My son and I visited the Big Island back in June of 2011. We will be back there in Dec. 2013 and we will for sure look you guys up and take the hike. I told my son that there’s NO WAY we do this without a guide. Do people ever go it without a guide and end up lost or trapped by lava?

  4. Jennifer Palmieri says:

    I am an earth science teacher and I really want to poke lava with a stick! We will be on the Big Island at the end of July. My husband and I have two children, ages 9 and 11. Would you recommend that they come on the tour, or would it be too grueling or too dangerous for them?
    Thanks, Jennifer Palmieri, Hudson, OH

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